When I heard Him in my storm…

Well, this is a very old story but i want this story to be told than to be buried in my internal heart disk 😛  My life has been one adventurous journey ever since i started having a walking-talking relationship with the Lord.  This is one of the very significant incidents in my life which i will be narrating to my children and grand children someday. Well nothing great about a taking a rafting experience in India. And especially these days when we all need is a well-trained professionals and an adventurous bunch of friends…then you are good to go for a jolly good ride. But this was not the case in the year 2010.  A professional Rafting experience was still a new sport on the block which many were yet to explore, and not many places where we could explore it too.

This happened in way back in the year 2010 August when me and my husband along with a very close bunch of friends from Hyderabad decided to take a short trip to Coorg,Karnataka.. a hill station near Bangalore. All of us were really excited as we didn’t know what to expect or had any fear of the unknown. The beginning of the rafting experience was totally thrilling and we simply loved the cool breeze and chill water hitting our faces. The raft in which we were sitting gave an experience of a super power leading us through its own will and way. All was going well when suddenly our raft was flowing through the downstream and it hit a hard rock bang on and while trying to turn the raft to control it, it tilted upside down and bringing all of us under. And We, 8+1 Captain of the raft submerged under the water trying to get ourselves out of the heavy raft which was drowning us now.  One by one each in the gang frantically made their way out of the raft and clanged on to each other or the raft. The below pic is the glimpse of how it happened.. 🙂


One after the other the entire gang came out from the raft except me. The water pressure was too quick to push me downstream the flow. The one professional rafter who also happened to be professional photographer who was clicking these above  images left his super dynamic camera behind and ran to start the rescue operation to save me.

You know, it all ended well with me as I’m writing this story, But it was a different scenario then, when i was left all alone washed by the river.  Gushing along with the water i felt like my body had no dominion of its own, it was flowing downstream the river leading me like a boss and i was finding myself far away from the reach of the rescue team.  Just then when i realized i need to do something to save my life, i frantically tried reaching out to grab anything and everything which was coming through my hands. And finally i managed to grab on to the wild weeds. I held it so tight that i can feel the weeds cutting my soaked skin. Thankfully the weed was in a place where the water flow was minimal.

Holding on to the weeds, when my mind, and my body was engulfed with total fear, i heard a very soft and gentle voice saying ,

“When you go through deep waters, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown” – Isaiah 43:2

what??!! Did i just hear it right? Why on earth would a scripture flash on my mind at that crucial moment? Well i can only fathom this truth, that He truly cares…because He loves us like there is no another!!

I heard Him say again ……”I WILL BE WITH YOU……I AM WITH YOU”!!

Going back to the scene….By now, a large rope was thrown towards me to grab it. I grabbed the rope with all my strength and the rescue team pulled me to the shoreline.

The reason for me to write this story to the world is to re-enforce that God speaks even in our stormy days and in the darkest times.  There are times in our lives when we least expect God to show up, but God makes His love known through the still voice or a little impression in our heart that He’s ever-present with us.

Today i want to encourage you, no matter what you are facing…No matter what is your storm  which you are facing, God is by your side holding on to you and watching your back. The  one who has called you as His Child, is a faithful Father and would never ever leave you as an orphan!!

HE LOVES AND CARES as if there is no another !!! God bless you…