When I heard Him in my storm…

Well, this is a very old story but i want this story to be told than to be buried in my internal heart disk ūüėõ¬† My life has been one adventurous journey ever since i started having a walking-talking relationship with the Lord.¬† This is one of the very significant incidents in my life which i will be narrating to my children and grand children someday. Well nothing great about a taking a rafting experience in India. And especially these days when we all need is a well-trained professionals and an adventurous bunch of friends…then you are good to go for a jolly good ride. But this was not the case in the year 2010.¬† A professional Rafting experience was still a new sport on the block which many were yet to explore, and not many places where we could explore it too.

This happened in way back in the year 2010 August when me and my husband along with a very close bunch of friends from Hyderabad decided to take a short trip to Coorg,Karnataka.. a hill station near Bangalore. All of us were really excited as we didn’t know what to expect or had any fear of the unknown. The beginning of the rafting experience was totally thrilling and we simply loved the cool breeze and chill water hitting our faces. The raft in which we were sitting gave an experience of a super power leading us through its own will and way. All was going well when suddenly our raft was flowing through the downstream and it hit a hard rock bang on and while trying to turn the raft to control it, it tilted upside down and bringing all of us under. And We, 8+1 Captain of the raft submerged under the water trying to get ourselves out of the heavy raft which was drowning us now.¬† One by one each in the gang frantically made their way out of the raft and clanged on to each other or the raft. The below pic is the glimpse of how it happened.. ūüôā


One after the other the entire gang came out from the raft except me. The water pressure was too quick to push me downstream the flow. The one professional rafter who also happened to be professional photographer who was clicking these above  images left his super dynamic camera behind and ran to start the rescue operation to save me.

You know, it all ended well with me as I’m writing this story, But it was a different scenario then, when i was left all alone washed by the river.¬† Gushing along with the water i felt like my body had no dominion of its own, it was flowing downstream the river leading me like a boss and i was finding myself far away from the reach of the rescue team.¬† Just then when i realized i need to do something to save my life, i frantically tried reaching out to grab anything and everything which was coming through my hands. And finally i managed to grab on to the wild weeds. I held it so¬†tight that i can feel the weeds cutting my soaked skin. Thankfully the weed was in a place where the water flow was minimal.

Holding on to the weeds, when my mind, and my body was engulfed with total fear, i heard a very soft and gentle voice saying ,

“When you go through deep waters, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown” – Isaiah 43:2

what??!! Did i just hear it right? Why on earth would a scripture flash on my mind at that crucial moment? Well i can only fathom this truth, that He truly cares…because He loves us like there is no another!!

I heard Him say again ……”I WILL BE WITH YOU……I AM WITH YOU”!!

Going back to the scene….By now, a large rope was thrown towards me to grab it. I grabbed the rope with all my strength and the rescue team pulled me to the shoreline.

The reason for me to write this story to the world is to re-enforce that God speaks even in our stormy days and in the darkest times.¬† There are times in our lives when we least expect God to show up, but God makes His love known through the still voice or a little impression in our heart that He’s ever-present with us.

Today i want to encourage you, no matter what you are facing…No matter what is your storm¬† which you are facing, God is by your side holding on to you and watching your back. The¬† one who has called you as His Child, is a faithful Father and would never ever leave you as an orphan!!

HE LOVES AND CARES as if there is no another !!! God bless you…




Make Room for the Holy Spirit!!


It was a training program and the participant were blind folded for this activity. There was a large bowl of cut fruits and each participant were asked to use the fork and take a mouthful of taste and asked to remember the taste of the fruit. When asked together in one go to name the fruit which they tasted? Assorted answers came as apple, mango, oranges, grapes, etc etc, a total mixed response.¬† It happened that what was perceived by them as one cut fruit for all, was actually a bowl full of mixed fruits.¬† Each one received the piece of the fruit and thought it was the same fruit served to others too. Many times our experience of our belief and faith also depends on how our individual understanding is… We tend to bring God to our level of understanding to actually makes sense for us and to others.¬† We try to built our experience which cannot be understood by others. We try to give rental space to God in our minds and thoughts, but when it comes to giving him his rightful place as a Saviour of our entire life, we miss to give Him that credit. God is all soverign, all powerful, Almighty, Omnipotent, Omnipresent , He is the Alpha and the Omega, and our human mind cannot perceive Him in this lifetime.

In Old Testament (OT), the Spirit of God was given to the chosen few. The Holy Spirit came upon Prophet, Seer, Priest, or an Individual for a special task to be accomplished on earth. People all around Israel chased like bunch of wild bees to taste God’s Yes or No. But there was¬† one story which always stood out for me. There was a young, notable woman¬† who was a Shunamite and¬† couldn’t ignore the anointing upon Elisha. She saw Elisha and know he carried something marvelous and spectacular in Him. Look how the bible describes this story ;

Vs.8 This wealthy woman urged and persuaded him to eat one meal at her home. Afterwards, when ever Elisha passed by he stopped at her house for a meal. We need to understand here that She opened her house for the man of God who carried the Spirit of God in him. She not only welcomed the man of God, but also welcomed and honored the Spirit of God.

But in the New Testament, we see that the Spirit of God came in the Upper room to fulfill not one or two special person but all the 120 members who were present and eagerly waiting for the arrival of the Holy Spirit. To put it in a simple term, they all received a marvelous friend as a return gift for waiting for 50 days. The arrival of the Holy Spirit was quite a game changer as He stayed on the disciples to fulfill and continue the call of Jesus to the world. Inviting the presence of the Holy Spirit is the key for every breakthrough for us and for the people around us.  The presence of the Holy Spirit makes an individual a carrier of God to the people. We are the living, walking, talking and breathing Tabernacle of God.  We become a vessel to pour out the living water to some one who is thirsty,  We become a lamp stand to show and be the light to the darkness around us, We become the solution for every problem as we showcase Jesus to the world.

So, today lets make a decision to make room for the Holy Spirit in our life.  Lets enjoy the new journey with the Holy Spirit, having a fellowship and partnership with Him.  Amen!!

Call 333

Do you know someone is waiting for your call?? Do you know someone is hoping that you would dial his number and reach out? Someone is trying to get your attention… Someone who is deeply and madly in love with you… Someone is dreaming about you so much, to have¬†numbered¬† your hair too!¬†Sounds silly?? Nope, its biblical ūüôā

Does it seem like a fiction?? Does it sound like a secret admirer who you¬†are¬†unaware off? Maybe your answer is Yes, because its too¬†good to be true. But this is the reality¬†of life, for you and me…….¬†¬†¬† There is a God who loves us unconditionally, wants to take care of us, fulfill all our dreams, wants to give¬†us¬†a¬†life filled with joy, love and peace.¬† He plainly¬†says,

“‚ÄėCall to me and I will answer you. I‚Äôll tell you marvelous and wondrous things that you could never figure out on your own.‚Äô” Jeremiah 33:3 (MSG)

Did that verse speak out loud to you??

GOD is saying CALL ME, Dial 333 and i will answer you.

Yes its an open¬†invitation from God to YOU… with no condition apply, and not on any limited offer period too. Its a lifetime offer¬†which is¬†valid for eternity. Now, thats truly is a Good News!!! ūüôā

No matter what you are facing today, that situation which is taking away your peace, that problem which seems too much to handle, that sickness which says no relief… STOP listening to the report of the world.



¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Pick up your phone (BIBLE) and call GOD (PRAY), NOWWW!!!! Continue reading “Call 333”